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Can Diet Shakes be a Breakthrough to Your Health?


Drinking diet shakes as meal replacements is becoming more common these days.

Not only is spare time becoming more precious these days, but time to carry out everyday tasks is also becoming shorter.

Case in point, read this series of posts in which the author explains why they have chosen to purchase and consume diet meal replacement shakes. In their blog post Ideal Shape Reviews, the author and his wife don’t have the time to fix regular meals that the whole family can sit down and eat.

With children’s extracurricular activities, both school, and sports related, families are traveling around town and in some cases out of state (travel teams) more days then they are staying home.

The travel puts time pressures on the family to such degrees that they are forced to eat fast food several days of the week. That is why the parents of the above-mentioned family had to resort to consuming an Ideal Shape shake as a meal replacement or to stop food cravings when they took their children to fast food restaurants after games.

Now many of you are are probably saying well they could make the time.  I would like to remind you that what works for some doesn’t work for all. I would agree that meal replacement shakes are not ideal, excuse the pun with Ideal Shape Shakes!

But, I would rather have these people drink the replacements than consume quantities of fast food and gain weight. Yes, I am trying to get people to Breakthrough to Health, Happiness, and Success; but maybe in cases like this that is what they are doing.

The point is that these persons have realized that they have a problem. The lack of time due to busy work schedules and extracurricular programs has forced them to make a choice between the two possible evils. Gaining weight by not being able to control their hunger with fast food, or maybe not getting all of the nutrition requirements they need with meal replacement shakes.

Choosing the later has had some positive effects on their lifestyle. They can transport their children around and not stress about making a meal while not gaining the weight that they were before they tried the meal replacement shakes.

WebMD says that they might not be that bad if nutritious food is consumed during other meals. So maybe it isn’t a bad choice.

Sometimes the best of two evils is all that someone can hope for. Keeping a positive attitude while enduring that hardship can cut down on added stress that will for sure do harm. Please take that into consideration, if you are doing the best you can during a stressful situation let that make you happy, especially if the health harm is minimal. Once the hardship has passed, then you can resume with healthier choices.

If the Muscle Fits


You will think I’m crazy.

In the last post, I talked about muscle dysmorphia and the dangers of steroids.

You will think I am reversing my stance on that with this article. But that isn’t the case at all.

Muscle Dysmorphia

People with muscle dysmorphia will try to bulk up their muscles regardless if we say they are large enough, or that they are harming themselves.

To build up their muscles bodybuilder types use a combination of supplements that they call stacks.

So instead of taking just one supplement, they find a grouping of supplements that are touted to work well together to reach their goal, whether that is to get bigger or to cut fat or weight.

Bodybuilders or want-to-be bodybuilders will search high & low for the best bulking stack that works with their particular body chemistry.

However, there are supplements that will allow people with muscle dysmorphia build muscle in a more safe way. These supplements are not anabolic steroids.

According to the supplement producers, such as Crazy Bulk, these bulking and cutting stacks provide the body with natural compounds or hormone precursors, to produce its own natural steroids.

Are These Supplements Legit?

Now, I’m not a medical doctor, and the articles that I have read are mixed at best. But I will say that these steroid alternatives are a much better choice than pumping the body full of anabolic steroids.

Am I giving permission for anyone to take these? No, not at all, it is my recommendation that if you have a friend or loved one that has muscle dysmorphia that they should see a specialist to provide hypnosis to correct the disorder.

What I am saying though is that these steroid alternatives might be a good first step. Taking the bulking or cutting supplements is not fixing the issue, of course, but it is eliminating a dangerous substance from their body.

You could argue that it is tit-for-tat, and I really can’t defend myself too well on the science portion of that statement. But, that said, steroid alternatives are legal, so it does take away the risk of being charged with a possession felony.

It Is Not a One Step Process

Often the solution to a physical or mental disorder isn’t straightforward corrective actions. It is a multi-step process.

Convincing the person that their actions are dangerous to their long-term health is that first step towards the reality that they are harmful to themselves and the ones that they care for and love.

If you excuse the pun of this metaphor, Michelangelo didn’t sculpt David with one hammer blow; he took many smaller chips off the block of marble before David came to be.

So sometimes the breakthrough isn’t a complete fix, it is a small chip that removes some of the material before the finished sculpture is perfect.

So with muscle dysmorphia, you can’t change it overnight, but you can take smaller steps to make them realize they have an issue and to make the long-term process safer.


When Enough is Never Enough – Dysmorphia

Shirtless, muscular young man looking at his hair in bathroom mirror

Are you happy with the way you look? Maybe what I mean more precisely is do you like your body?

If you are, well then unless you are curious about those that don’t I expect you can find something else to read.

You think I’m talking about women now don’t you? Well maybe not with the cover photo I used. I’m not talking about women at all, I would expect I could write until the cows come home on why women hate their bodies. Volumes of books have been written on that subject, but no, this time it is men I’m talking about.

It’s Not the Hair

Usually when you talk about vainness in men, it has to do with hair loss. Other than that and most men don’t really care about how they look. I’m saying that in jest, because there are many that like to look good dressed in a suit or for a night out, the others, well they think they are cut like David regardless of how much stomach is over the waistline.

There are however, those that flex their muscles in the mirrors and admire themselves like no other.

These are the men I am talking about today. Bodybuilders types. Those that can never have enough muscle, or have too much in one place and not enough in others.

It is an addiction, maybe not a chemical addiction like smoking or alcohol. But nonetheless just as harmful.

I am retired now, I can talk about some of these issues that I have seen over my long career. I of course would never reveal peoples identities, or offer clues that could be used to identify anyone person.

Muscle Dysmorphia

This case though, is important because there are others that have what is called Muscle dysmorphia.

Described as a male body image disorder, muscle dysmorphia (MD) is characterized by a pathological preoccupation with muscle size.

MD generally leads to steroid use, not the follow all precautions to be safe use either. I’m talking excessive use of steroids that leads to medical issues.

Very few people who have MD are aware of the disorder, they do not believe they have any problems.

This is the dangerous part, and normally leads to a short lifespan as the side effects of steroids and HGH products like somatropin take their toll on their bodies.

The doses of somatropin bodybuilding competitors use can quickly lead to abnormal bone and gut growth that are not reversible.

In my career I have only had two clients with MD, one came to me after being forced by his girlfriend, the other referred to by the same coach of the first client. Like I said this disorder is not commonly known, and if it is, it is never self diagnosed.


I found that people with MD are in denial, and the only way to make a breakthrough is with hypnosis. This allows the conscious and subconscious minds work together to bring the habits to the forefront where they can be dealt with by more streamline psychology practices.

Be Alert

I only bring this topic up because it isn’t normally self diagnosed and it takes a coach, significant other or friend to alert the person with MD that they are going down a dark road using steroids, HGH and other hormone related chemicals.

Although there are not that many people afflicted with MD, for those that are it is a killer. So if you see your friends type somatropin for sale into their phones search engines or ads for anadrol, clenbuterol, deca durabolin, sustanon, testosterone, trenbolone, or winstrol have a talk with them and see if you can help in some way

I want people to realize that they have the power to change your friend’s life for the better.
In reality probably extend his life by several tens of years.

Why Should I Take An Energy Healing Class?

Have you ever wanted a little magic in your life? Have you wondered how you can help yourself or your family feel better in between doctor’s visits? Have you wanted to have more personal power in your life?

Energy healing is taught in many different forms. Over the many years in my path, I have studied forms of Reiki, Energy Psychology, Pranic Healing, Acupressure, Meditation, Hypnosis, Merkaba Healing, Deeksha/Oneness Blessings, and much more. I have found that the higher you get in studying Religion, Spirituality, and Healing, the more that you find out that there is a huge amount that all of the traditions have in common. When you learn the core of those commonalities, you have the basis of incredible healing techniques.

Energy Healing is evolving. It is much more effective when you learn a technique now. We are meant to heal each other, and to be healer. In past generations, healing was dedicated to only a few in each generation and in each society. Now, anyone with an interest can learn. It is no longer secret and prohibitively expensive. When I first started training in Reiki, there were no books allowed, and when you practiced the healing symbols with your teacher, you had to burn them at the end of class!

The Energy and Healing systems are getting easier to access. Now, you can watch videos on and see examples of healing for free. Some people actually film themselves giving distant healings, and you can feel the effectiveness while you watch the recording!

New and wonderful trainings are conceived and promoted all the time. Listen to your inner judgment. Your higher self knows if that is too much money, and you should keep looking. Or if this is the teacher that is right for you at this time in your life.

The final answer is, yes, if you are interested in learning to heal yourself and others you should take a class in whatever manner you choose. You can learn so much from online groups. I belong to a number of yahoo groups, and you will meet people there that discuss their experiences with different healing classes and systems.

The world is opening up to higher spiritual experiences, and you are getting on a train that has an amazing destination. Go for it!