Can Diet Shakes be a Breakthrough to Your Health?


Drinking diet shakes as meal replacements is becoming more common these days.

Not only is spare time becoming more precious these days, but time to carry out everyday tasks is also becoming shorter.

Case in point, read this series of posts in which the author explains why they have chosen to purchase and consume diet meal replacement shakes. In their blog post Ideal Shape Reviews, the author and his wife don’t have the time to fix regular meals that the whole family can sit down and eat.

With children’s extracurricular activities, both school, and sports related, families are traveling around town and in some cases out of state (travel teams) more days then they are staying home.

The travel puts time pressures on the family to such degrees that they are forced to eat fast food several days of the week. That is why the parents of the above-mentioned family had to resort to consuming an Ideal Shape shake as a meal replacement or to stop food cravings when they took their children to fast food restaurants after games.

Now many of you are are probably saying well they could make the time.  I would like to remind you that what works for some doesn’t work for all. I would agree that meal replacement shakes are not ideal, excuse the pun with Ideal Shape Shakes!

But, I would rather have these people drink the replacements than consume quantities of fast food and gain weight. Yes, I am trying to get people to Breakthrough to Health, Happiness, and Success; but maybe in cases like this that is what they are doing.

The point is that these persons have realized that they have a problem. The lack of time due to busy work schedules and extracurricular programs has forced them to make a choice between the two possible evils. Gaining weight by not being able to control their hunger with fast food, or maybe not getting all of the nutrition requirements they need with meal replacement shakes.

Choosing the later has had some positive effects on their lifestyle. They can transport their children around and not stress about making a meal while not gaining the weight that they were before they tried the meal replacement shakes.

WebMD says that they might not be that bad if nutritious food is consumed during other meals. So maybe it isn’t a bad choice.

Sometimes the best of two evils is all that someone can hope for. Keeping a positive attitude while enduring that hardship can cut down on added stress that will for sure do harm. Please take that into consideration, if you are doing the best you can during a stressful situation let that make you happy, especially if the health harm is minimal. Once the hardship has passed, then you can resume with healthier choices.