When Enough is Never Enough – Dysmorphia

Shirtless, muscular young man looking at his hair in bathroom mirror

Are you happy with the way you look? Maybe what I mean more precisely is do you like your body?

If you are, well then unless you are curious about those that don’t I expect you can find something else to read.

You think I’m talking about women now don’t you? Well maybe not with the cover photo I used. I’m not talking about women at all, I would expect I could write until the cows come home on why women hate their bodies. Volumes of books have been written on that subject, but no, this time it is men I’m talking about.

It’s Not the Hair

Usually when you talk about vainness in men, it has to do with hair loss. Other than that and most men don’t really care about how they look. I’m saying that in jest, because there are many that like to look good dressed in a suit or for a night out, the others, well they think they are cut like David regardless of how much stomach is over the waistline.

There are however, those that flex their muscles in the mirrors and admire themselves like no other.

These are the men I am talking about today. Bodybuilders types. Those that can never have enough muscle, or have too much in one place and not enough in others.

It is an addiction, maybe not a chemical addiction like smoking or alcohol. But nonetheless just as harmful.

I am retired now, I can talk about some of these issues that I have seen over my long career. I of course would never reveal peoples identities, or offer clues that could be used to identify anyone person.

Muscle Dysmorphia

This case though, is important because there are others that have what is called Muscle dysmorphia.

Described as a male body image disorder, muscle dysmorphia (MD) is characterized by a pathological preoccupation with muscle size.

MD generally leads to steroid use, not the follow all precautions to be safe use either. I’m talking excessive use of steroids that leads to medical issues.

Very few people who have MD are aware of the disorder, they do not believe they have any problems.

This is the dangerous part, and normally leads to a short lifespan as the side effects of steroids and HGH products like somatropin take their toll on their bodies.

The doses of somatropin bodybuilding competitors use can quickly lead to abnormal bone and gut growth that are not reversible.

In my career I have only had two clients with MD, one came to me after being forced by his girlfriend, the other referred to by the same coach of the first client. Like I said this disorder is not commonly known, and if it is, it is never self diagnosed.


I found that people with MD are in denial, and the only way to make a breakthrough is with hypnosis. This allows the conscious and subconscious minds work together to bring the habits to the forefront where they can be dealt with by more streamline psychology practices.

Be Alert

I only bring this topic up because it isn’t normally self diagnosed and it takes a coach, significant other or friend to alert the person with MD that they are going down a dark road using steroids, HGH and other hormone related chemicals.

Although there are not that many people afflicted with MD, for those that are it is a killer. So if you see your friends type somatropin for sale into their phones search engines or ads for anadrol, clenbuterol, deca durabolin, sustanon, testosterone, trenbolone, or winstrol have a talk with them and see if you can help in some way

I want people to realize that they have the power to change your friend’s life for the better.
In reality probably extend his life by several tens of years.